Saturday, 31 December 2011

'Pentagon created Arab Spring over decade ago'

This has been clear for at least 10 of the last 12 months now, but still there are many who really should know better who will not and cannot admit they have and continue to be willing pawns and advocates of Empire's great game and are continuing to build illusions in what was already a manufactured illusion of "revolution".

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Jello Biafra with NoMeansNo - Jesus Was a Terrorist

Jesus was a Terrorist

Jesus was a terrorist
Enemy of the state
That's what the Romans labeled him
So he was put to death

He died for his beliefs
What's changed today?

Today bible-thumping cannibals
Reap money from his name
Buy cable networks & power
With old ladies' checks

If Jesus saw Pat Robertson
What do you think he'd say?
Tax free the re-write our laws
And sick 'em on you
Women don't control their bodies
TV preachers do

Censor everything from bathing suits
To science books
From the schoolroom to the bedroom
They want our thoughts - or else

They treat us like the Romans
Used to treat the Christians
Even some church-going folks are scared.

Modern catacombs of fear
Built with money, power, and threats
Rock 'n Roll is labeled porn
Sell a record, you're under arrest

Instead of fighting AIDS
They try to stop us having sex
They brag that they won't quit
Till they take dominion over our lives

Is freedom of speech such a terrorist act
Is spiritual peace such a satanic threat
Believe what you want
But we'll fight to keep
Our heads from being cemented in your sand

-Jello Biafra with NOMEANSNO-

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Recommended blog on Pan-Africanism, China and Imperialism -

Very interesting blog with some fascinating insights on Pan-Africansm, China and imperialism...

"Horace Campbell is Professor of African American Studies and Political Science at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. He is the author of Rasta and Resistance From Marcus Garvey to Walter Rodney; Reclaiming Zimbabwe: The Exhaustion of the Patriarchal Model of Liberation; and Pan Africanism, Pan Africanists and African Liberation in the 21st century. His most recent book is Barack Obama and 21st Century Politics: A Revolutionary Moment in the USA. "

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Workers World Party sends condolences to Workers’ Party of Korea on the death of Kim Jong Il

WWP sends condolences to Workers’ Party of Korea

To the Workers’ Party of Korea, the Korean people and all who side with the valiant struggle of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to defend its sovereignty against imperialism while building socialism.

Dear Comrades:

Workers World Party of the United States sends our deepest condolences on news of the death of Kim Jong Il, the supreme leader of the Korean people for 17 years. We here in “the belly of the beast” know how diffi­cult the U.S. imperialist rulers have made it for leaders of truly sovereign countries to defend their sovereignty while pursuing the socialist path of development.

As General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Chairman of the National Defense Commission and Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army, Kim Jong Il made defense of the Korean people against imperialist aggression his highest priority. And he was absolutely correct in this. Not a day has passed since the founding of the DPRK that U.S. imperialism and its collaborators have not tried, through armed aggression, economic sanctions and political subversion, to undermine the great socialist revolution that transformed the northern half of the Korean Peninsula. Because of his unflinching stance, which continued the revolutionary traditions of Korea’s great ­liberator, Kim Il Sung, the DPRK has been able to withstand the ­attempts by the whole imperialist world to reimpose capitalist slavery under the guise of pushing ­“democracy” and a “free market.”

The present world economic crisis, a product of global capitalism in decay that is destroying the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of workers, shows that there is no future for humanity other than to uproot capitalist property relations and mobilize the masses of people for the building of socialism. This was Kim Jong Il’s life work, and we have great confidence that the revolutionary institutions he helped develop have already produced new Korean leaders to carry on his example. Long live Kim Jong Il! U.S. out of Korea! Long live the DPRK and the Korean Revolution!

From the Secretariat of the National
Committee of Workers World Party,
Larry Holmes, First Secretary
Sara Flounders
Fred Goldstein
Deirdre Griswold
Teresa Gutierrez
Monica Moorehead

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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Three Days of Official mourning for Kim Jong Il in Cuba.

THE Council of State of the Republic of Cuba has decreed three days of official mourning for President of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Kim Jong-il, Chairman of the National Defense Commission and General Secretary of the Workers’ Party.

On December 20, 21 and 23, the national flag will be lowered to half mast on public buildings and military institutions.

Workers Party of Korea: Notice to All Party Members, Servicepersons and People (On Death of Kim Jong Il)

The Central Committee and the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea, the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly and the Cabinet of the DPRK on Saturday announced the following notice to all party members, servicepersons and people:

The Central Committee and the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea, the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly and the Cabinet of the DPRK notify with bitterest grief to all the party members, servicepersons and people of the DPRK that Kim Jong Il, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK and supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, passed away of a sudden illness at 08: 30 on December 17, Juche 100 (2011) on his way to field guidance.

He dedicated all his life to the inheritance and accomplishment of the revolutionary cause of Juche and energetically worked day and night for the prosperity of the socialist homeland, happiness of people, reunification of the country and global independence. He passed away too suddenly to our profound regret.

His sudden demise at a historic time when an epochal phase is being opened for accomplishing the cause of building a powerful and prosperous socialist state and the Korean revolution is making steady victorious progress despite manifold difficulties and trials is the greatest loss to the WPK and the Korean revolution and the bitterest grief to all the Koreans at home and abroad.

Kim Jong Il, who was born as a son of guerrillas on Mt. Paektu, the holy mountain of the revolution, and grew up to be a great revolutionary, wisely led the party, the army and people for a long period, performing undying revolutionary feats on behalf of the country, the people, the times and history.

Kim Jong Il possessed of personality and qualifications as a great man on the highest and perfect level was an outstanding thinker and theoretician who led the revolution and construction along the path of steady victories with his profound ideologies and theories and remarkable leadership. He was also peerlessly political elder and outstanding and illustrious commander of Songun and peerless patriot and tender-hearted father of the people who recorded the whole history of the revolutionary struggle with ardent love for the country and its people and noble dedication.

Considering it as his lifelong mission to carry to completion generation after generation the revolutionary cause of Juche started by President Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il pushed forward the revolution and construction in line with the idea and intention of the President as the dearest comrade and the most loyal comrade-in-arms of the President.

Kim Jong Il comprehensively developed in depth the immortal Juche idea, Songun idea, fathered by the President and glorified it as the idea guiding the era of independence with his clairvoyant wisdom and energetic ideological and theoretical activities. He firmly defended and carried forward the revolutionary traditions of Mt. Paektu with pure mind, thereby giving a steady continuity to the Korean revolution.

Kim Jong Il, genius of the revolution and construction, developed the party, army and state to be the party, army and state of Kim Il Sung, put the dignity and power of the nation on the highest level and ushered in the golden days of prosperity unprecedented in the nation's history spanning 5 000 years under the uplifted banner of modelling the whole society on the Juche idea.

Kim Jong Il, supreme incarnation of the revolutionary moral obligation, set a great example in perpetuating the memory of President Kim Il Sung unknown in human political history, thus making sure that the august name of the President, his undying revolutionary career and exploits always shine along with the eternal history of Juche Korea.

Kim Jong Il, great master of politics and illustrious commander born of Heaven, honourably defended the socialist gains, noble heritage bequeathed by the President, by dint of Songun politics despite the collapse of the world socialist system, the demise of the President which was the greatest loss to the nation, the vicious offensive of the imperialist allied forces to stifle the DPRK and severe natural disasters. He turned the DPRK into an invincible political and ideological power in which single-minded unity has been achieved and made it emerge a nuclear weapons state and an invincible military power which no enemy can ever provoke.

True to President Kim Il Sung's behest, Kim Jong Il set a gigantic goal to build a prosperous and powerful country and led an all-people general advance for attaining it, thus making the drive for a great revolutionary surge rage throughout the country and bringing about great innovations and leap forward on all fronts of socialist construction.

Kim Jong Il, father of the nation and lodestar of national reunification, led all the fellow countrymen to the road of independence and great national unity with his rock-firm will to implement the instructions of the President for national reunification and ushered in the June 15 era of reunification in which the noble idea of "By our nation itself" is materialized.

As a great guardian of socialism and justice, he conducted energetic external activities for the victory of the socialist cause, global peace and stability and friendship and solidarity among peoples under the uplifted banner of independence against imperialism, thus remarkably raising the international position and prestige of the DPRK and making immortal contributions to the human cause of independence.
In the whole period of his protracted revolutionary guidance, he valued and loved the people very much and always shared weal and woe with them. He continued to make difficult forced march for field guidance, making unremitting efforts and working heart and soul to build a thriving country and improve the standard of people's living. He died from repeated mental and physical fatigue on a train in that course.

The whole life of Kim Jong Il was the most brilliant life of a great revolutionary who covered an untrodden thorny path with his iron will and superhuman energy, holding aloft the red flag of revolution. It was the life of the peerless patriot who dedicated his all to the country and its people.

He passed away to our regret before seeing the victory of the cause of building a thriving nation, the national reunification and the accomplishment of the revolutionary cause of Juche so ardently desired by him, but laid a strong political and military base for ensuring the steady advance of the Korean revolution through generations and provided a solid foundation for the eternal prosperity of the country and the nation.

Standing in the van of the Korean revolution at present is Kim Jong Un, great successor to the revolutionary cause of Juche and outstanding leader of our party, army and people.

Kim Jong Un's leadership provides a sure guarantee for creditably carrying to completion the revolutionary cause of Juche through generations, the cause started by Kim Il Sung and led by Kim Jong Il to victory.

We have the invincible revolutionary army of Mt. Paektu faithful to the cause of the Workers' Party of Korea, the great unity of the army and people closely rallied around the Party, the best Korean-style socialist system centred on the popular masses and the solid foundation of the independent national economy.

Under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, we should turn our sorrow into strength and courage and overcome the present difficulties and work harder for fresh great victory of the Juche revolution.

Our army and people will hold leader Kim Jong Il in high esteem forever with unshakable faith and noble sense of moral obligation. True to his behests, they will make neither slightest concession nor delay on the road of the Juche revolution, the Songun revolution but resolutely defend his undying feats and glorify them for all ages.

All the party members, servicepersons and people should remain loyal to the guidance of respected Kim Jong Un and firmly protect and further cement the single-minded unity of the party, the army and the people.

Under the uplifted banner of Songun, we should increase the country's military capability in every way to reliably safeguard the Korean socialist system and the gains of revolution and make the torch lit in South Hamgyong Province, the drive for the industrial revolution in the new century, rage throughout the country and thus bring about a decisive turn in building an economic power and improving the standard of people's living.

We will surely achieve the independent reunification of the country by concerted efforts of all Koreans by thoroughly implementing the Three Charters for National Reunification and the north-south joint declarations.

Our party and people will strive hard to boost friendship and solidarity with the peoples of different countries, guided by the idea of independence, peace and friendship, and build an independent and peaceful, new world free from domination, subjugation, aggression and war.

Arduous is the road for our revolution to follow and grim is the present situation. But no force on earth can check the revolutionary advance of our party, army and people under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Un.

The heart of Kim Jong Il stopped beating, but his noble and august name and benevolent image will always be remembered by our army and people and his glorious history of revolutionary activities and undying feats will remain shining in the history of the country forever.


Sunday, 18 December 2011

Kim Jong Il, Muammar Gaddafi, two heroes lost, one lesson to learn.

First we lose Muammar Gaddafi, now we lose Kim Jong Il, the two leaders who the Empire feared the most. The difference that must be taken on board is that Muammar, in his decency and honesty, held out his hand and tried to find common ground with the imperialists - and they betrayed, hunted and murdered him like an animal.

Kim Jong Il died as the leader of his independent and proud nation; unbowed, unbeaten and untouchable by Empire.

Nevertheless the independent Korean people, in their grieving, must not forget their vigilance, must stay united and must remain steadfast to the ideas and values of Juche, of Chajusong and of Songun, the teachings of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

These are dangerous times and Empire will do its most to exploit any weakness or division. The DPRK is an inspiration for all nations and peoples facing Empire's onslaught. Empire fears their determination and their spirit. We must all strive to be as committed and single minded in our determination to follow our own paths to independence for our nations and our people.

My thoughts are with Comrade Kim Jong Il's family and comrades and the people of the DPRK.

"In order to establish Juche in thinking, it is necessary to possess high sense of national dignity and revolutionary pride.

Without the sense of national pride that one's nation is inferior to none, without the pride and honor of the revolutionary people, it would be impossible to live up to one's conviction in an independent manner, uphold national independence and dignity and emerge victorious in the difficult revolutionary struggle. A nation with a strong sense of national dignity and revolutionary pride is unconquerable, but a nation without this attribute is powerless.

The peoples of small countries who have long suffered oppression by foreign forces need so much the more the sense of national dignity and revolutionary pride. In the small countries where nihilism and flunkeyism towards big powers are nationally deep-rooted as a result of the imperialist policy of assimilating colonies and obliterating their national culture, they must give special attention to the struggle to increase the sense of national dignify and revolutionary pride." - Kim Jong Il, On The Juche Idea

Kim Jong Il Passes Away - KCNA

Official KCNA Statement:

Kim Jong Il Passes Away (Urgent)

Pyongyang, December 19 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Il, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission and supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, passed away from a great mental and physical strain at 08:30 December 17, 2011, on train during a field guidance tour.

The WPK Central Committee and Central Military Commission, DPRK National Defence Commission, Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly and Cabinet released a notice on Saturday informing the WPK members, servicepersons and all other people of his passing away. -0-

Medical Analysis of Kim Jong Il′s Demise

Pyongyang, December 19 (KCNA) — Leader Kim Jong Il had received medical treatment for his cardiac and cerebrovascular diseases for a long period.

He suffered an advanced acute myocardial infarction, complicated with a serious heart shock, on train on December 17, Juche 100 (2011) for a great mental and physical strain caused by his uninterrupted field guidance tour for the building of a thriving nation.

Every possible first-aid measure was taken immediately but he passed away at 08:30 on December 17.

An autopsy on December 18 fully confirmed the diagnosis of his diseases.


Friday, 9 December 2011

U.S. renews imperialist offensive in Asia

U.S. renews imperialist offensive in Asia

U.S. renews imperialist offensive in Asia

By Gene Clancy
Published Nov 27, 2011 6:47 PM
In a coordinated military and diplomatic offensive, the U.S. government moved this week to challenge China and bolster its hegemony over Asia and the western Pacific. Both President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton were traveling through the region and making deliberately provocative moves toward China.

Obama made the militarist intentions of the U.S. perfectly clear. “The United States is a Pacific power, and we are here to stay,” he declared in a speech to the Australian Parliament. He vowed to expand U.S. influence in the Asia-Pacific region and “project power and deter threats to peace.” (CBS News, Nov. 16)

Then Obama announced the deployment of U.S. troops near the northern Australian city of Darwin. Even before he arrived, Australian demonstrators protested the increased U.S. presence with signs reading “No bases!” and “Pine Gap is too much,” referring to an already existing joint U.S./Australian spy base nearby.

Lawyer Diana Rickard said an influx in the number of U.S. troops in Darwin would make the community less safe. ”We do not want American Marines in Australia doing the same things they have done in the Philippines, in Japan, in Germany and probably in most parts of the world where they have a military base,” she said. “We do not want the violence to spread.” (, Nov. 17)

Both in Australia and later in Indonesia, Obama clearly signaled that China stood as a barrier to U.S. intentions.

In the Philippines, Clinton stood on the deck of a U.S. warship in Manila Bay and reaffirmed the 60-year-old unequal Mutual Defense Treaty between the U.S. and the Philippines.

Clinton’s visit was met by militant demonstrations. Her cavalcade was pelted with balloons filled with red paint.

Referring to the treaty, Secretary General of Bayan Philippines Renato Reyes Jr. said: “There is no reason to celebrate 60 years of the Cold War relic that is the MDT. This agreement is a lasting testament to the unequal and one-sided ties that bind our two countries.”

Goals of U.S. imperialism

A turn toward a new U.S. strategy in the Asia/Pacific region was clearly outlined in a recent article by Clinton in Foreign Policy magazine. In an essay entitled “America’s Pacific Century,” she asserts, ”The future of politics will be decided in Asia, not Afghanistan or Iraq, and the United States will be right at the center of the action.” (November)

Clinton clearly states the reasons for this new turn: ”With Iraq and Afghanistan still in transition and serious economic challenges in our own country, there are those on the American political scene who are calling for us not to reposition, but to come home … [but] we cannot afford not to.

“Harnessing Asia’s growth and dynamism is central to American economic and strategic interests and a key priority for President Obama. Open markets in Asia provide the United States with unprecedented opportunities for investment, trade, and access to cutting-edge technology. Our economic recovery at home will depend on exports and the ability of American firms to tap into the vast and growing consumer base of Asia.”

In the same article, Clinton also makes clear that the U.S means to secure these economic advantages with military force:

“We are modernizing our basing arrangements with traditional allies in Northeast Asia … while enhancing our presence in Southeast Asia and into the Indian Ocean. For example, the United States will be deploying littoral combat ships to Singapore. … And the United States and Australia agreed this year to explore a greater American military presence in Australia. … We are also looking at how we can increase our operational access in Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean.”

Some 110 years ago, the U.S. was equally forthright in declaring why an imperialist policy was not only desirable but necessary:

“[T]oday, we are raising more than we can consume, making more than we can use. Therefore we must find new markets for our produce,” wrote Albert Beveridge in ”The March of the Flag.” (

However, there are some important differences. In 1898, the U.S. was a rising imperialist power while China was broken and oppressed, dominated by a bevy of imperialist countries.

Today, U.S. capitalism is racked by a worldwide economic crisis, while China is strong and independent.

The Chinese response to Clinton’s essay was defiant. Referring to Clinton’s claim that “the United States is back,” the People’s Daily of Oct. 18 remarked:

“‘The United States is back’ is a famous phrase of Douglas MacArthur. The U.S. general, who once lost to the Japanese army during the Pacific War, said these words to announce the success of the U.S. counterattack when landing on the territory of the Philippines again. Today’s Asia is totally different from what it was six decades ago.”

Nevertheless, the U.S. represents a real danger, not only to China but to the entire world. It is a nuclear-armed military giant that is willing to subject its own people to increasing misery and threaten the entire world in order to defend its dying system.

It is important that people everywhere be vigilant and prepared to resist imperialism whenever and wherever it appears.

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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Putin blames US for stoking Russian protests - ABC Newcastle NSW - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Do they really want to piss off the sleeping bear? Apparently so. Well, they have got it's attention now. No room to complain when it turns and takes a mighty swipe back. Those old paws got big sharp claws.

Putin blames US for stoking Russian protests - ABC Newcastle NSW - Australian Broadcasting Corporation