Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Huge Chavez, Presente!

The battalion of the fallen has a new soldier. Hugo Chavez, Presente!

 In death our martyrs attain immortality. Their spirit lives in all those millions now, and for generations to come, who resist, who dream, who fight and who build for the good of humanity.

 Do not mourn. Organise! Venceremos!

Friday, 1 March 2013

British Workers Unite - For more of the same, but worse!

The Guardian interviews four UKIP voters. Three of them are working-class. One is middle class.

"I did 22 years in the services fighting communism. For what? What did we achieve? David Cameron is not a Conservative, no way. He is a social democrat"

 "I fully expect 2-4 million Bulgarians and Romanians to come over. What's it going to be like? We're a small island."

 "Labour shut itself off from me because of uncontrolled immigration. The Tories have come in and they seem hamstrung by the Liberal Democrats."

 "They have talked to me about their policies and I agree with a lot of what they have told me. There's going to be more and more foreigners coming in and taking everything from us. It's diabolical. They come and get this and that. We couldn't go to their country."

 These are voices of the English working-class. Obsessed with race, with immigration, with blaming everyone poorer than them for what has been done to them by the rich.

Right-wing government and neo-liberal economics failing them? Then demand they be MORE right wing, MORE neo-liberal, MORE cuts. The veritable turkeys voting for Xmas. That infamous english masochism at it's most pathetic; they take a kicking, get spat at, laughed at, bent over and royally fucked, and their response?, "Please sir, can I have some more?".

 There is no working-class "unity" in the UK. There is not even basic common ground for potential unity. The Scottish people will only be pulled backwards if we stay in this Union.

We need to look forward, we need to cut the chains that will only drag us further down into the far-right abyss that England demands. We need our own government; real, sovereign government that takes Scotland where the people of Scotland want it to go.

And we can only get that through voting for independence in 2014.

Because the alternative on offer is not even the status quo, more of the same.
It is something far, far worse.

Eastleigh By-Election and the forward march of British Socialism!

62 votes for socialism in the Eastleigh by-election! An earth shaking 0.15% vote for the massed ranks of the 'Trade Union and Socialist Coalition'!

The arguments for keeping Scotland in the UK so that the Great British working-class can be strong and united for the socialist revolution, which is surely just around the corner, comrades, have never looked more profound in their correctness!!!

 Scottish workers Unite under the glorious red (, white and blue) flag of your British vanguard! Abandon the Stalinist petty bourgeois nationalist deviation of gaining independence next year; with more results like this we will have full blown international socialism, with the glorious United Workers State of Great Britain and Northern Ireland at its helm, standing as a shining beacon for the incipient world revolutionary Empire in maybe less than, oh, say no more than 200 years or so. Maybe 300.

One more push comrades!!! And then a few more.

 62 votes today - onward to 72 votes in 2015!!! Let us smash the 'Elvis Loves Dogs Party' into 9th place. There has never been a better time to be a British Worker.