Sunday, 15 September 2013

US, UK funding al-Qaeda Child Prostitute "Jihadists for the Nikah" in Syria.

The US's child prostitute "martyrs" in Syria. The US and UK arm and fund al Qaeda and other Salafist extremists in Syria. They then themselves use their funds to recruit young girls, still children, into prostitution.

These young girls are being recruited to go to Syria as a "Jihad for the Nikah", essentially child prostitutes for Salafist fighters, according to reports.

So, how do you feel about this, SWP, Workers Power, et al? Is this really what you think a revolution looks like? (Presumably the Weekly Worker and Sparts might be okay with it?)

"Umm Al baraa, a Tunisian minor aged 13 is ranked in 3rd place at the level of its participation in Jihad for the Nikah in Syria, according to the Lebanese newspaper "El Khabar.

It is worth noting that in 2013, we hear about "jihad of nikah" about these women that are available to jihadists, through a simple unspoken agreement limited in time.

An act whereby they contribute to the jihad, offering their bodies under the seal of the religious law "halal" and thus hope to see the gates of Paradise open before them."

"Illegitimate children of halal prostitution
Recruited by radical Islamist organizations, nearly forty young Tunisian, both naive and exalted, joined the front in Syria, where they are supervised by the Salafists. Their role is not to fight, but to sacrifice in the name of "jihad of nikah" ... that is to say, to satisfy the rest, or rather sexual appetites, warriors. When they are pregnant, they are returned to their families at home, they become a new "social problem." Children born or unborn have no status, and point customary marriages (contracted to make lawful sexual relations with jihadists) have value or under the Act or for a deeply conservative society. A hitherto unprecedented situation in Tunisia, which is reminiscent of the thorny issue of children of Algerian maquis."
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