Thursday, 24 October 2013

Russell Brand talks revolution with Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight

Russell Brand. Someone Ive always found fascinating throughout his career from his earliest drug addled forays in shows like Re:Brand and his self-predicted and obsessive rise to Hollywood star status. I like him, even though I kind of dont want to.

His politics are honest, but confused. Misogyny masquerading as sexual hedonism, and being pally with the former slave owner, the Dalai Lama, certainly isnt as progressive as most liberals think it is, and Brand certainly falls into the category of liberal. And like many liberals, he believes his liberal idealism is revolutionary.

But beyond that, for all his wealth and fame, Brand still holds within his consciousness and his conscience that alienated, intelligent, angry, rebellious young working-class lad that he was. His undoubted eloquence, intelligence and charm, as usual manages to over-ride his contrived, trivial, foppish personae, and his anger is genuine, and comes from hard personal experience.

As usual, even if you dont like him, what he is saying is worth listening to and taking seriously. And it is good that he says it. Over a decade ago, even in the darkest depths of his junkie days, Brand was saying one day he would be internationally famous and would use his fame to attempt to bring about a revolution. Brand clearly hasn't given up on his vision, and Messiah complex aside, Brand is a welcome deviation from the usual vacuous celerity script...

Monday, 21 October 2013


The UK has one of the highest cold-weather mortality rates in Europe. 25-30,000 people, mostly elderly, die each and every winter as a result of not being able to heat their homes.

These deaths are blood on his hands, on the hands of all the power companies and their executives, and all of our politicians who connive in this together, this greatest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in this island's history. 30,000 excess deaths every winter. Just consider that. If this was anywhere else in the world, they would call this genocide. This year it could be your grandparents, your parents. Or you.

And, of course, Scotland takes the disproportionate brunt of this. As a oil and resource rich nation, one of the richest in Europe, Scotland should never see one of it's people go cold, let alone die. Yet that wealth is squandered by callous Westminster governments and tax-dodging corporate parasites whilst our 1 in 4 of our children lives in poverty and countless thousands of our elderly make the fateful choice between food or fuel.

This is a crime against humanity. And parasites like Chris Weston are laughing in our faces as they bleed us dry.

For those of us in Scotland, we have a way out. We have to vote YES to independence in 2014 and start to build a new Scotland, a nation fit for its people.

For you in England, well, you keep voting tory or Ukip, and carry on blaming your disabled neighbour, your muslim workmate, or the single parent down the road, whilst the politicians and bosses tear apart your welfare state, your NHS, your schools and your resources and flog them of to line their pockets.

British Gas: Fat cat boss Chris Weston refuses to give up £2MILLION bonus despite massive price hike

 While hard-up families are forced to choose between heating or eating this winter, Weston will be warm and well-fed
Fat cat: Chris Weston will be just fine this winter
Fat cat: Chris Weston will be just fine this winter
Pensioners and the poor have been warned they face a bleak winter after British Gas hit homes with crippling price hikes.
But as hard-up families are forced to choose between heating or eating, the fat cat boss of the profit-laden firm will be warm and well-fed as he rakes in up to £2million in bonuses.
And despite the rises of 10% that could plunge millions into poverty, managing director of British Gas owner Centrica, Chris Weston, refused to waive any of his payout.
The increases will slap another £131 a year onto typical bills – meaning households will have to find a record £1,471 to heat and light their home.
The sky high hikes, planned for ­Novemeber 23 as we head into the heart of winter, last night sparked fury.
Unite general ­secretary Len McCluskey branded the move “cruel”. He said: “People will be ­terrified about the winter.
“Never mind the dilemma about heating and eating, with the cost of both running so far ahead of incomes, the most needy won’t be able to do either.
"The big six energy firms need reining in by the ­Government, not words empty of action.”
Fuel Poverty Action’s Clare Welton added: “British Gas’s steep price rises will send a shiver down the spine of millions of their hard-up customers, particularly in the knowledge Centrica reported £1.58billion operating profits this year.”
Adam Scorer, of Consumer Futures, said: “The price increases means millions will go into the winter genuinely afraid of the costs of keeping warm.
“Fuel poverty is already close to epidemic proportions and it is set to become even more commonplace.”

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Sunday, 20 October 2013

We Remember Brother Muammar Gaddafi - 2 Years Since NATO Lynched Libya's Freedom

Two years ago today Muammar Gaddafi was murdered on the orders of the British and US state. As Gaddafi died, so did Libyan freedom and it's people's prosperity, its's women forced back under the veil, it's black population hunted, lynched and expelled, its nationalised industries sold off to western companies, its once free education and health system left in tatters.

Here Gaddafi is pictured with one of his grand-children. Cameron and William Haguehad her killed too. Along with two of her siblings and her father. No one actually knows the full number killed by NATO bombs and death squads. It is estimated to be 30,000 with several thousand still missing.
The British Left, from Class War to the SWP and StWC, stood back and cheered.

"I would be quite happy to see western planes bombing the fuck out of Saif Gaddafi and his cronies." - Ian Bone, founder of anarchist group Class War.


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

World In Action - Violence With Violence - The Battle of Welling Oct16 1993 and the Criminalistion of Anti-fascism.

On the 20th Anniversary of the Oct 16 1993 'Battle of Welling', it is well worth revisiting this early attempt at criminalising militant anti-fascists. This episode of ITV's World In Action starts out looking at the spate of racist murders that blighted the early 1990's, but then goes on to blame anti-fascists for creating a culture of violence by taking the fight back to the fascists and putting the scum on the run. 

Other than Red Action and Anti-fascist Action, the programme also focuses on Class War and the now-defunct Panther UK (both factions, confusingly labled "Militant faction" and "Non-militant faction". The reformist faction (labelled "Militant faction") was a puppet of Militant tendency. The others were the black nationalist militants who broke away hoping to emulate (rather than just cash in on the legacy of) Malcolm X, the Black Panthers and Marcus Garvey. However, both groups soon slipped into oblivion - where are they now? 

Also featured/promoted is "Red" Ken Livingston and the careerist/collaborationist Labour Party liberals and "black nationalists" of Marc Wadsworth and Lee Japser's Anti-Racist Alliance. 

Recommended viewing...

20 Years Ago - October 16 1993 - ITN News report on the "Shut down the BNP" Welling demo 1993